It's time to love your bank.

Processing times? Credit Applications? Nope. We're building a whole new kind of bank and you'll never hear those words from us. Join the waitlist today!

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Your new debit card. Instantly.

Don't sign up for the next "Bank Account of the Future" and then wait 7 days for your new card. With us, once your account is good to go, so is your card.

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No more credit applications. With us, you already know.

Stop applying for credit. We'll tell you exactly what you're approved for, and all you have to do is claim it.

How We're Different

No More Applying For Credit

We think applications should be a thing of the past. Stop asking for permission and start getting what you deserve.

No More Hidden Fees

Your bank charges you fees for everything. Did you know you're paying an average of $12 if someone else writes you a bad check?

No More Stupid Hours

When we say that, we mean it. We never close. your transactions should process 24/7 and your support should too.

Rewards Made For You

Right down to the rewards you get. Everything is tailored to your spending. Stop using rewards made for someone else.

Watch Your Money Grow

Tell us what you want to accomplish. No matter where you are in life, we've been there and we can help you with what's next.

Relief When You Need It

We've all been in a bad situation before, so we won't kick you when you're down. Our overdraft credit lines have no fine print.